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Previous events

25 May 2020A drink with Erik Ochsner
about filmscores live in concert programs
13 May 2020A drink with Matthijs Kieboom
About workflow, time management and collaboration
6 May 2020How to get involved in a project and the social business side
Special guest: Gorka Oteiza – SoundTrackFest

A drink with Erik Ochsner
about filmscores live in concert programs

Composers Café has invited Finnish-American conductor Erik Ochsner for a drink on May 25th to talk about Live in Concert programs and the role of a conductor for these projects.We will cover subjects as what’s available, preperation before rehearsals, the use of clicktracks, key differences for concerts and many more.
Erik Ochsner was the principal conductor for the La La Land in concert world tour and did the worldpremiere of Mary Poppins. Recent engagements include A Disney Celebration, Star Wars 5: The Empire Strikes Back , Batman (1989) and Ghostbusters ! Other films he has conducted include Back to the Future , Beauty and the Beast (2017) , Bugs Bunny at the Symphony , E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial , Frozen , La La Land,Lord of the Rings: Fellowship of the Ring , Love Actually , Mary Poppins (1964), Pirates of the Caribbean , Pixar in Concert , Star Trek (2009),Star Trek Into Darkness , and  Star Wars Episode 4: A New Hope.

A Drink with Matthijs Kieboom
about workflow, time management and collaboration

This dutch composer might be young, but already has done a lot. From TV series, live concerts and filmscores for national and international projects. This evening Matthijs will talk about workflow, timemanagement and collaboration. He will use his latest project VAN DER VALK as example. This project is now running for the British television and has all components in it that require the best of a composer. How dealing with history, communication with the producer, collaboration with a orchestrator or handling with time pressure?

How to get involved in a project.
The social business of a composer

This drink is with Gorka Oteiza, founder of SoundTrackFest. He is around in the industry for a long time and has seen up and down falls of composers, filmmakers, organizations ect.
This evening we will talk about the social business of a composer. How to get involved on a project is a question everyone has, so how do you do that?